Whether you are just beginning the process of selecting the right long term care solution for yourself or a loved one, or you’ve made the decision and just need some additional information, we know that you may have questions about what to expect.

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I would like my loved one to stay at Granada Hills Care Center. What do I need to do?
Call us at 818.891.1745. We will be happy to discuss each step with you. Here’s what to expect:

  • Your loved one must have admission orders written by an attending physician.
  • We will evaluate your loved one to determine his/her needs. Our team will consider medical diagnoses; specialized treatments ; safety concerns such as wandering, aggressive behavior, falls; and amount of assistance needed with personal care.
  • The business office or social service designee will discuss financial arrangements and complete an admission agreement with you. We will ask you questions that will help us get to know your loved one and include you in developing a plan of care.

Residents at this level of care must be seen by a doctor every month for the first three months of their stay and every 60 days after that. If it is not feasible for your loved one to go to a doctor’s office on a regular basis, one of our house physicians can provide care at our facility.

Do you accept Medicaid? Is financial assistance available to help pay living expenses?
Yes, we do accept Medicaid. Please contact __________ for application information. You can reach their helpline at __________.

What types of rooms are available?
Our rooms are semi-private, 2-bed rooms. We also have two 4-bed rooms. Roommate compatibility is a factor we consider when selecting the appropriate room for a prospective resident.

What amenities/services do you provide?
The room rate is “all inclusive” and covers care by CNAs and licensed nurses, grooming and incontinence supplies, dressings and treatment supplies, over-the-counter medication, and meal service. Additional services provided include laundry and housekeeping, social services and activities as well as evaluation by a consultant pharmacist and registered dietician.

Basic cable and internet access are also available for no additional charge. A resident phone line is available for shared use. Beautician services are available for a nominal fee.

Available in house services that are not included in the room rate include: physician visits, lab, x-ray, ultrasound and EKGs, podiatry, dentistry, eye exams and hearing evaluations. Prescription medications are a separate expense.

What do you provide in resident’s rooms? Can we bring items from home?
We provide each resident with an electric hospital bed, nightstand, over-bed table, closet and bulletin board. We encourage personalization of each resident’s living space to make it as home-like as possible. Chairs and small furniture items are welcome as long as they do not over-crowd the room or make it difficult for caregivers to easily access the resident. Residents may have their own TVs, computers, and sound systems.

What is your staffing level? How many nurses and aides are on staff?
State and federal regulations determine direct care staffing levels in intermediate care nursing facilities. Granada Hills Care Center has a licensed “charge nurse” on duty 24-hours a day (RN for at least 8 hours every day). The charge nurse monitors residents, provides hands-on care, communicates with physicians and supervises nursing assistants. There is always at least one CNA for every 7 residents during day shift, for every 11 residents during evening shift, and for every 18 residents overnight. Our staffing levels generally exceed this requirement. This number does not include nurse managers, medication aides or restorative aides who are also on duty daily. Please visit our Nursing page for more information about our philosophy of care.

What activities are available? Do residents ever go on outings?
Residents vote for activities they prefer. Current Granada Hills Care Center favorites include bingo and board games, trivia, current events, music programs and church services. Our residents also enjoy baking, crafts, gardening, movies and pet therapy. There is usually a monthly outing to a favorite restaurant or store. Attending the Festival of the Trees during the holidays has become a tradition. In room visits are provided to bed-bound residents, and we provide programs designed to provide sensory stimulus to residents with advanced dementia. Please visit our Activities page and calendar for more information.

Are you considered a “secured facility”?
Yes. All exit doors are secured by key pads that cannot be opened without an access code. The deck and garden areas are fenced.

What are your visiting hours?
Friends and family are welcome at any time their presence does not disturb a resident’s rest or make it difficult to provide care. In the event that a resident is gravely ill or nearing death, family members are allowed to stay as long as they wish.

When can I call if I have questions or am concerned about my loved one?
The charge nurse on duty can be reached at 818.891.1745 any time day or night.

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